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Weekend Wrap-Up

Do you have 15 minutes this weekend? Set your timer, grab one pile of papers on your desk (counter tops, dining room table, etc)---and use the File-Act-Toss SYSTEM while practicing the Art of Wastebasketry! File it? Act on it? or Toss it? 1. Does this item require action? 2. Can I identify a...


Consistency Beats Intensity Every Time

[Guest Blog] Consistency Beats Intensity Every Time This applies to everything and anything you do in life. When in comes to working out, the ones that show up every day will experience their transformation long before those that show up infrequently, but workout really hard---and the ones...


Accomplish Your Work & Enjoy Your Life

Why do you want to "get organized"? What's the purpose of your productivity pursuit? If you're not accomplishing your work AND enjoying your life, then something is missing. You need some kind of transformation in your life--and we'd like to help! Browse our Institute to find JUST what you need...