You might think that productivity is all about making the most of your time and working efficiently, but for these components to work well, you have to know that productivity actually starts in the brain!

We believe that you can create a Productive Environment™ in your office, your kitchen, your car, and yes, even your brain! That’s right, psychology has a significant influence on productivity.

You can create to-do lists, remove distractions, and use every “method” proven to work –but they won’t work well if:

  • You consistently feel overwhelmed
  • You’re doing too much at once
  • You feel the task is futile

There are, of course, other reasons that your psychological state might inhibit your productivity, like if you are worried about something and thus cannot focus all the way on a task at hand. So get your mind in order.

Here’s how the science of the brain and getting things done efficiently breaks down:

  • Your willpower can only do so much
  • You must feel that you are able to accomplish the tasks at hand
  • You must be focused and deliberate to be efficient
  • You have to know that you need breaks (Andrea loves using The Pomodora Technique! See below for her favorite Pomodoro Timer on Youtube.)
  • You need to have an end in sight

If you can align your mind with these ideas, you’ll get more done and you’ll achieve more with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

This is Andrea's favorite Pomodoro Timer. Just hit play and let it run in the background while you work. Voice prompts tell you when to 'begin work' and when to take a break.

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