Helping Clients Overcome the #1 Organizing Challenge in Homes & Offices Today

The days of working in one office from 9a-5p, and then going home are over. Clients require information 24/7, and employees work from a variety of locations. A paper filing system in the office is worthless if you’re responding to a client from home, while commuting, or from any other location. The ability for anyone to accomplish their work is directly related to their ability to find what they need when they need it.

When the concept of “paperless” was first introduced, people assumed that “paperless” meant “automatically organized.” In fact, we soon discovered just the opposite was true.

Fortunately, cloud computing technology now makes Almost Paperless™ practical and possible so you can find any information you need from any location with a smartphone or an internet connection.

But before jumping into the cloud or other software or hardware tools, it’s important to first help clients answer

The 7 Information Management Questions:

  • What information do we need to keep?
  • In what form?
  • For how long?
  • Who is responsible for filing it?
  • Who needs access to it?
  • How can we find it?
  • How is it backed up?

Start by answering these questions for your own home and/or business. If you don’t know the answers, get started by completing a Productive Environment Scorecard™ to get an idea of where you can improve the management of your own time, space, and information.