I was listening to Brendon Burchard, founder of Experts Academy, today and he said "Scheduling is sexy!"

So many of us are looking for the perfect "To Do List" planner, program or app...only to get overwhelmed by the amount of Tasks that end up on the list, and then we abandon our new program...yet again, in search of an even 'more perfect' solution. Can you relate?

Brendon suggests that the perfect solution for managing tasks is to simply...schedule them. If they are worth doing...they are worth scheduling. Do you agree?

There are MANY calendars, schedulers and planners on the market--let's just say you have a simple electronic calendar like Google Calendar or iCal.

And let's say that when you're processing your email (not checkingemail...but processing email), you come across something you need to DO...you can look at your calendar...find a time that you can realistically do it, then create an event (block of time) for that task. OR...you could create an event called Tasks...and add multiple tasks to that event and complete them during a specific block of time.

You could do the same thing with a physical planner, such as Barbara's favorite, PlannerPad. (www.PlannerPads.com). Process your email...jot down a specific time to complete an action---then delete or archive the email. What a great feeling that is!

Barbara says that "Organizing is an Art." What works for one of us doesn't necessarily work for everyone. We would love to know what works for you!

If you are a Professional Organizer, Productivity Consultant, or, of course one of our Certified Productive Environment Specialists...What do YOU recommend to your clients for managing their Tasks?

I'm going to post this message over on our Blog so there's room for Comments. If you have a Task Management system that works for you, tell us about it! We even invite you to post a link to your website if you have more information or even a product there. Anything that can help our amazing subscribers to be more productive!

And if you have a specific question about managing tasks or are looking for a recommendation, feel free to post on our blog as well, and/or reply to this email! We'd love to hear from you!


Barbara & Andrea

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