According to a data company called iQuanti, the most searched New Year's resolutions are:

1. "Get Healthy” - over 62 million searches
2. “Get Organized” - over 33 million searches
3. “Live Life to the Fullest” - nearly 19 million searches
4. “Learn New Hobbies” - over 17 million searches
5. "Spend Less/Save More” - nearly 16 million searches
6. “Travel” - nearly 6 million searches
7. “Read More” - over 4 million searches

As someone who has been in the organizing industry for over 3 decades, of course it is exciting to me that "Get Organized" is #2, but what is more interesting to me is that all of the other resolutions can be more easily reached if you are organized! The most important action you can take to get organized is eliminate the physical, digital, and emotional clutter in your life. What is stopping you?

While you think about that, we thought you'd enjoy this fun video from The Holderness Family--New Year's Resolutions in Real Life. Can you relate? We'd love your comments!