Thank you to everyone that completed our Productive Environment Scorecard and entered our drawing for Barbara's book, Less Clutter More Life.

In this video, I'll provide a summary of the Scores, and do the random drawing at the end. There is no identifying information as it relates to links between names and scores or comments. First names are shown for the drawing only.

Per our email....How about you? Does your daily life reflect the quality of life you want? If you're a business owner, does your office reflect the quality of products or services you provide?

If not, would you like our help to change that? It's a simple thing, really. Either you continue on the way things are and accept that "it is what it is"....or you get help and make a change.

We have experts and resources that can help you, ranging from $15 to $5, no matter your budget, we have SOMETHING that will fit.

I invite you to send me a message or schedule a telephone appointment to talk about it.

If you know your struggles are primarily with paper clutter and disorganization (as many of the Scorecards indicated), we have some transformational options for you!

1. If you need one-on-one training and support in order to clean up your paper clutter and put systems in place, we've got you covered with an On Site or Virtual Office Transformation VIP Day!

2. If you can follow instructions and take action with group support, then the Office Transformation Quickstart Online program may be perfect for you.

Either way, reply to this email or contact me at to get more information on how we can help you get systemized, organized and you can accomplish your work and enjoy your life! :)