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Do you often feel that your work is running your life? Do you wish you could be more “intentional” about your daily activities? Then this webinar with Elisabeth Galperin is for you! Find yourself in her stories of Reactive Ron and Proactive Pam – and yes, her message is filled with tips that you can implement immediately!

One huge “small” step is to create meaningful morning and evening routines to separate your workday from your home life – and then practice them so they become a part of you. Tweaking your mindset can move you toward Productivity, Profitability, and Peace of Mind – enabling you to Accomplish your Work and Enjoy your Life!

This presentation is for business professionals who feel overwhelmed, as well as home-based business owners who feel they are wearing too many hats and struggle with prioritizing those responsibilities.

Our guest expert, Elisabeth Galperin, owner of Turn Leaf Organizing, will:

  • Explore the 2 approaches to handling your work day: reactive versus proactive;
  • Share why so many of us procrastinate (which leads to being reactive)
  • Teach how to use the "Check-in, Check-out Strategy" to better manage your time, decisions, and schedule....and to become proactive--ultimately saving you time and helping you accomplish your work AND enjoy your life!

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Elisabeth W. Galperin, CPES Masters™
Elisabeth W. Galperin, CPES Masters™

Are you ready to set into motion your path to promotion™? Elisabeth Galperin, owner of Turn Leaf Organizing, helps business leaders and highly driven professionals gain control over their space, time and information. Elisabeth works collaboratively with her clients, providing unique, strategic & proven solutions aimed to increase productivity, improve business systems, and help clients accomplish their work and enjoy their life™.

A well-respected expert & speaker for over 10 years, Elisabeth is a Golden Circle Member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO), and holds a certification as an Evernote Certified Consultant.

Elisabeth W. Galperin, Turn Leaf Organizing

Certified Productive Environment Specialist Masters™

NAPO Golden Circle Member (10+ years)

Virtual Consulting Available

Cincinatti, OH